Akvarell Abstrakt, Bjarne Madsen Härdig

Abstrakt, 2021

34 x 38 cm

2 400 krKöpförfrågan

Om konstnären

I was born (1966) in Trollhättan, Sweden, the city of SAAB and hydroelectric production from its waterfalls. Growing into adulthood in the eighties was amazing were everything was possible, and everyone was positive to any idea. I left Trollhättan in 1988 to study at Lund university, where I remained and finally, down a winding road, ended up as a researcher. I work with watercolour that I sometimes combined with charcoals. I paint landscape scenery and figures in different forms, always watercolour, which fascinates me by its complicated simplicity, which is much like science, you are never ever finished learning. The thing I try to accomplish in my painting is to create an expression of mood. This is done in different ways, in traditional landscapes I use the light and darkness in the weather and landscape to express this, there is always light somewhere. In the more abstract paintings, it is also about light but here also shapes and forms are important to drive my expression, modernism has been a big inspiration for me, maybe since this was a period where everything was possible as in the -80. I generally try to let the watercolours lead, I seldom draw distinct things prior to I start. I have managed to get in to 5 jury-rated exhibitions, which makes me very proud. Watercolour has its own life that is the big challenge in watercolour painting to try to control, that I probably never fully will learn even though I receive prizes for my art.

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