Abdelaziz Zaouia

Abdelaziz Zaouia

Skövde    Född: 1965

When I enter my studio to start an artistic work, often without any idea in mind except my favorite world of inspiration, It makes me leave behind everything that bothers, a moment when I gradually "disappear" from the gossip and worries of the world. When I feel completely "invisible" I am calm and peaceful, exactly where I want to be. When I look at a finished artwork of mine, I often feel great and mostly when I am satisfied.

I am an autodidacte artist, I have been interested in art since childhood. When I was a teenager in 1983 l was lucky enough to have a great academic artist as my own teacher, I have learned from him everything about art basics... I am grateful for that. I am still learning from my experience trying to use a new methods and techniques in order to be more creative and satisfied with my work which is particular, special and different. I was born and raised in an "artists town" with so many great local artists, a small and beautiful very old town (with a lot of history and inspiration) called Azemmour, located in the left bank of the second largest river in Morocco (about 600km long, starting from the Atlas mountains...) this river called "Omm Er-Rbia" (the mother of spring). The town is just two km from the Atlantic ocean there the river meet the sea.

I left the country Morocco in age of twenty three, I lived in Sweden since then, I was attending to reach the art school in Gothenburg but I got married instead and moved to my wife's hometown far away from Gothenburg art school, there is no one in that town, I was forced to forget about studying art at a school at that time. I learned what I could by myself, I got a job and bought some books about the history of art, specifically about the greatest masters of art, I started to learn more about their biography, technics and their different schools... In my wife's hometown there is an university, they have no fine art program but instead I found an interesting program that has to do with "drawing" and creativity, it was "Design engineer program" it's not fine art but is still has to do with design anyway...

After a long stop painting for many years (due to a personal reasons...) I came back to paint again for about 5 years ago and this time it will be continuously, because I feel that I'm very inspired, I feel that I have much to give and share with the people interested in Art. Despite the short time since I started painting again, the jury members of an international contest were convinced that my art was the best in the contest, that was the best thing happened to me in my artistic life, wining the first price of "The Best Arab Abstract Artist In The World, London 2021", I am honored and very happy for it. Among other things, this award drives me to be more determined to continue researching and experimenting with different techniques and eclectic subjective ideas to develop my artwork, and create more and more of a unique and beautiful art.


Kontakta Abdelaziz Zaouia

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