Ylva Olofsson

Ylva Olofsson

Göteborg    Född: 1987

Hello! Welcome to my page.
With my art I want to open up to freedom of expression. I don't follow a genre but my own nature. I'm rather Lazy in posting my creations so there is much more of different kinds. Contact me for more info or if interest in particular styles.

My music creations that can correlate to my art on: www.soundcloud.com/ylvaolofsson
My poetry
On: poeter.se/ylvaolofsson

My philosophy is truth and how we best represent it. I rather express with imperfection representing a part of the truth rather than waiting for the perfection and the moment is gone. I paint for myself and for anybody that is on a journey exploring the unknown. We are all Creators.

Ströms Göteborg 1a oktober 2022

Galleri Engleson Göteborg 24-29 juli 2021

Kontakta Ylva Olofsson

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