Tiffany Leiderby

Tiffany Leiderby

✿ Impasto and informal abstract art created by Tiffany.✿

❀Tiffany is imaginative and creative, especially at harmoniously arranging the significance already potential in the environment. These abilities have lead Tiffany into fields such as art and photography.

"Every painting has an eloquent name to it, each painting repesents the beautiful but exposed Earth." ~ Tiffany Leiderby



Med i konstrunda:

❀Who am I? ➸ I’m a non yoga girl gone green (or crazy) :D. I'm the garden go herbal medicine kinda gal who loves a beautiful home and a kind world. But one day I will be old and wise. And like a wise man once said "Open mouth, big mistake"
I’ve become more active in the environmental state over the years and more flexible - (mentally! Not physically -don’t want to end up in a wheel chair with a urinary catheter in my 60s..)

I enjoy philosophical questions and conversations that get you thinking about life, the universe, and everything! I also am concerned about lthe climate change. When not studying I also enjoy traveling, documentaries, binge-watching series, music, hiking and fooood and Oh yes..I am definitely a foodie! Did I mention that I love art and photography?

Long story:
I come from a family where art is a natural part of our lives, I have been painting and drawing as long as I can remember. I've always been a "konstnärsjäl"- a soul of an artist! I am grateful to be able to create with my hands and express the emotions I feel through colour, especially about our exposed planet. I dedicate my art to our earth because it is so revolutionary beautiful and exquisite. I hope to inspire my audience to want to protect and preserve our planet. You see, we use "survival" as an excuse to misuse and overuse earth's assets and resources that negatively affect our climate instead of protecting it. My paintings are made by oil, acrylic and I also use natural paints from Earthpaint which are made of natural petroleum paints.

❀More..? ➸
I believe in having a higher EQ and not being protenstious "clever", having degrees for status- show or pretending to be something you are not. I find being a true empath as myself gives aspiration and is significnat when preventing negative impacts to the planet and mistreating animals which is also negatively effecting the climate.

➸Music: I play the Irish-flute, I Love rock n roll, folk, and the blues lbaby!

I hope you enjoy my farts, I mean arts..... and for any further questions please feel free to contact me: ➷

Med i konstrunda

• Juste Gallery - Feb 2021
• FoKo Art - Maj 2021

• Min utställning 2021 heter "In honour of Earth" och visar upp målningar gjorda av olja, akryl och även naturfärger från Earthpaint som är gjorda av naturliga jordoljefärger. Konstnären Tiffany är mån om jorden, klimat och djur. Hon har fått inspiration från jordens vackra miljöer, färger och natur.

– Jag vill tillägna min konst till vår jord för att den är så revolutionerande magisk och förmedla skönheten i den utsatta planeten, och inspirera mina åskådare att skydda och bevara vår jord. Vi använder ”överlevnad” som en ursäkt till att missbruka jordens tillgångar, resurser som påverkar vårt klimat negativt istället för att värna om den, säger hon.


Uställning på FoKo Art sommar 2021
Publicerat 8 mars
Utställning på JUSTE galleri 2021
Publicerat 25 december 2020
Jag använder naturfärger från Earthpaint!
Dessa vackra färger är fri från konserveringsmedel, tungmetaller, giftiga lösningsmedel, plast och bindemedel.
Måla som de gamla mästarna som Rembrandt, van Gogh med dessa 100% rena och naturliga jordoljefärger.
Publicerat 24 november 2020

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