Född: 1980

My name is Suzan Habib and known by my artist name Cash. I am a woman and queer artist who was born in Afghanistan / Kabul where I grew up until the age of 16. My cultural background has been and is the fruit of religion-driven norms where science and knowledge were considered misleading by the majority of the population. I grew up with well-educated parents who belonged to the group that had a dream of spreading knowledge and forming Afghanistan for the better, but unfortunately the country and the people were not ready for it.

My art has been and is a way for me to express and convey my experiences of society, people and I see this as the central part of everything I create, but technology and color scheme have varied over the years and especially the last four years where I took up my creation after a break of many years. My first series under the name (shattered country) was added in the snternational Afghan film festival at the diesel verkstad. Today I have taken on new techniques and shapes that make it all very exciting for me and I just want more of it. I have started to use very mixed techniques and colors where the obvious portrait paintings do not have to be just portraits and maybe no portraits sometimes. I have no idea where I'm going and I may not need to know either. my creations today are usually unpredictable and I have very little control over the results. But only gets positively surprised every time

I take inspiration from many skilled artists regardless of their social position in the art world. Independent artists and well known. what unites us and inspires me is our common taste of techniques and color choices. mostly pop art and street art artists. My absolute two favorites are Voka and Jimmy Law who make outstanding portrait paintings and in addition to them there are many others.

I have always seen myself as an artist but my career took off after my first exhibition where I received an offer that made me see my capacity to reach higher than I have done before. the response I received was the starting shot for a fantastic path into the art world with enormous desire and satisfaction for every work I create and sell

My first series under the name (shattered country) was added in the summer of 2017 after receiving the offer to exhibit in connection with the Swedish Afghan Committee and the international Afghan film festival at the dieselverkstad. The second series called (crossroads) was created in 2017 and 2018, which was then exhibited at a multicultural center for a month with a vernissage and film screening. In 2018, I also exhibited once again at the diesel verkstad with the same partner as in 2017, this time with the crossroads series.
Instant gratification exhibition was in January 2021 at Juste Gallery in Hornstull. an independent exhibition with many visitors despite the pandemic and prevailing circumstances.
After Rain solo exhibition was a new exhibition with new paintings that took place in gallery Hind in vasastan stockholm in September 2021. After regn has also been exhibited at art portable's showroom and morfarniko's cafe and restaurant shortly after.
13 oktober 2022 I participated in a solo exhibition together with an art association at the office Nybroviken östermalm Stockholm and the art still hangs there today.
My last solo exhibition was called a thousand pieces and took place again at Juste Gallery in Hornstull. It was October 29, 2022.

My dream is to reach as many people as possible with my art and connect with others. I do not see my art as a hobby but it is a big part of my professional identity and my own identity as a person. I see it as my true nature

I have had my father as a role model and the one who always guided me in my art. Today I also have my wife who is my closest person and the one who is behind many of my ideas for finished works. She and my dad are two key persons in what I do and I have many others like my siblings, relatives and friends. I get advice and support from many and most things are appreciated. I think it is important with other points of view.
My life today is incredibly different from my life in Afghanistan. my art has been my world where I could escape to when the world outside burned by the heat of war. My experiences and fears were usually expressed through my art. Today I live a life as a free individual with the gift of being able to create and share my art with others. Life has shaped me into who I am and art is my language

Bild och form Gångsätra skolan
Konst och hantverk Nyckelviksksolan
Hantverkspedagog Nyckelvikskolan
Trä och metallslöjd Umeå universitet

Shattered country

En utställning arrangerad av mig i samarbete med SAK- svenska Afghanistans kommittén och internationella Afghanistans filmfestival 2017.
Plats. Diselverkstan Nacka 2017

En självständig vernissage och utställning på mångkulturell centrum stockholm. 2019

En utställning arrangerad av mig i samarbete med SAK- svenska Afghanistans kommittén och internationella Afghanistans filmfestival 2017.
Plats. Diselverkstan Nacka 2019

Instant Gratification
solo Utställningen på Juste Gallery 2021.

Tomorrow’s sorrow
Solo Utställningen. Galleri Hind 2022.

After Rain. 2022
Solo utställning på Farbror Niko restaurang

After Rain 2022
Gemensam utställning Artpitable
Gemensam utställning kontoret nybroviken.

A thousand pieces 2023.
Solo utställning på Juste Gallery

Kontakta Cash

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