Sun Lee

Sun Lee

I'm a Hanji artist. Hanji is the traditional Korean paper that is very durable and hard to tear. Many Hanji artist had used Hanji in crafts and watercolors but I use it into my acrylic paintings as a collage. I also use it to make lamps because Hanji allows light passes through it easily.

My art is the process of finding harmony in the gap between cultural differences and in changes between traditional and modern art. Through this creative process, my soul reconnect with my roots and partakes in the making of contemporary art.

Thoughts are endless, everyday life sometimes feels like a hunting ground. But as I slow down, I realize every phenomenon has meanings. Light and darkness, pain and pleasure, agony and ecstasy all of it happened within me. Art of life arises by embracing all of it and it gives my art colors.
That’s the meditative art that I’m looking for.

Sun Lee. 이 선 주

2020-2022 Konstkolan, Önnestads Folkhögskola, Sweden
2016 Yoga Alliance (RYT), India
2015 Hanji Craft (Korean Traditional Paper Art), South Korea


2022 -
I hold a Hanji Craft workshop. For more information, feel free to contact me at
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