Stuimo Guckahcs

Stuimo Guckahcs

Borås    Född: 1968

Stuimo makes art that doesn't look like anyone else's. Rather, it resembles what you dream of at night when the moon is full and you have your head and chest full of ghosts and anxiety. It is experienced both visually and emotionally. It leaves a longing for more. The magically mysteriously painted figures in Stuimo's art dance as well as twist like in agony in front of the viewer, or stares you stint in the eyes with just as much penetrating as an empty gaze. They suck you into their astonishing world of thick brush strokes and heavy layers of muted, earthy colors. Once there, you can't find your way out. Once there, you can't breathe like before. But that's fine, because it's more exciting than on the other side. For the bold viewer, there are endless depths and exciting new worlds that are mind-altering and euphoric, if you dare. Stuimo paints on the material that currently exists. When the feeling comes, whatever it may be, it is the journey that is essential for Stuimo, to get it out of himself and out for us to adore. Once out, it's hard not to love what Stuimo creates.


2021/2022 Nordic Art Guide konstbok
26/7 - 6/8 2023 Utställning på Galleri Plume i Viken, Skåne

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