Studio Edin

Studio Edin

Göteborg    Född: 1983

I love mysteries and I often portray womans sensuality, strength, beauty, vulnerability in a mysterious way when I paint. I often hide their faces if I want to express emotions throo their bodies, poses, or with colors. I find myself in different crossroads when painting because there are so many outcomes and I just love the challange of finding my own path. It's in the painting process where I get to know these woman that I paint, and thats kind of where I decide "who they are", at the same time I get to find my self, and express my own emotions.

I love painting with acrylics cos I can really get a good motion with my brushes, and as we all know, motion = energy. I just love that feeling and it's very addicting. I find my self thinking about art every day and thats how I stay creative.

Pluggat konst efter gymnasiet och digitala medier, grafisk design, fotografi. Det jag gör nu är något jag lärt mig själv genom 12 av experiment och övning.

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