SELDA is an artist who loves to live with art.
She creates mainly vibrant compositions based on several technical layers. Her obsession to explore, question and challenge the conservative boundaries of “artistic lines” through spiritual and powerful color integration makes up her very own and unique line of spiritual abstract composition.

An accomplished artist, her work has evolved towards a pure, very powerful and spiritual use of colors and layers upon layers of integrated techniques. This results in, and explores a unique balance between complementary and contrasting form, color and space.

Her influences mainly include the Baroque era, due to the movements, the Romantic period, due to the spiritual and emotional aspects, and Cubism due to edging lines which very often influences and outlines her creations. At the same time being an educated and experienced sculpturist, makes her urge and search for ways to fuse intercategorial styles into her works as well.

According to her, most modern abstract art is essentially random and chaotic in nature. But what she is striving for is to boil down the random madness and channel it through her own vision of inspirational high roads aiming to present depth, movement and powerful feelings and to minimize the random parts through use of well thought layers of inspirational techniques.

She having exhibited her work in many major European cities through galleries, museums and artistic centers.




Art Educations:
•Art Education at Art Highschool
•Drawing, painting and modelling courses
•Privat courses in sculpture ,graphic design, ceramic art courses
•Ceramic course at Studieförbundet Vuxenskola in Malmö
•Ceramic and sculpture course at ABF Malmö

Medlem i konstnärsförening
BUS, Bildupphovsrätt, Helsingborg Konstförening, NYC Art

Med i konstrunda
Medlem i konstnärsförening BUS, Bildupphovsrätt, Helsingborg Konstförening, NYC Art

2019 Istanbul Grupp utställning, Turkey
2019 Barcelona Art Fair, Spain
2018 NYC Art Exhibition, USA
2018 Malmöfestivalen , Sweden
2018 Rossocinabro Art Gallery, Roma/ Italy
2018 NYC Art productions Exhibition Newyork/ USA
2017 Internacional Hartexpo ,Barcelona / Spain
2017 Solo Utställning,Bakken , Denmark
2017 Gallery Espacio 120 Galeria de Arte Barcelona / Spain
2017 Parallax Art Fair, Chelsae / United Kingdom
2016 Rådhus Galleri, Søborg - Denmark
2016 Studio Utställning, Malmö Skåne , Sweden
2015 SCA Art Studios, Malmö - Sweden
2015 Studio Utställning, Malmö Skåne-Sweden
2014 SCA Art Studios, Malmö - Sweden
2013 Istanbul Art Forum , Turkey
2012 Kultorvet Music & Art, Copenhagen
2011 Picasso Art Cafe, Copenhagen - Denmark
2010 Nero Art Display, Lyngby - Denmark
2009 Nero Art Display, Lyngby - Denmark
2009 Picasso Art Cafe,Copenhagen-Denmark
2008 Malmö Konst & Skulptur Exhibition, Limhamn/ Bunkeflo ,Sweden
2007 Limhamn-Bunkeflo Konstutställning, Malmö ,Sweden
2005 Art Forum, painting, sculpture & ceramic exhibition, Turkey

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