Renata Edin

Renata Edin

Göteborg    Född: 1975

My name is Renata Edin. I live and work in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I have painted for as long as I can remember and dreamed of becoming an artist from my very early age.

After completing the art high school, I took degree in sociology and built a career in the public administration of the city of Gothenburg.

Recently, I started to paint again. As I did, I was soon captivated.

When I paint, I use my knowledge from art classes and combine it with my newly awaken passion for art. When I went to art high school, my challenge was how to paint. My challenge nowadays is to get the "wow" reaction from my art audience.

I paint by feeling, and I want to awake emotion in those who observe my artwork; it is only then that I feel my task completed.

My sources of inspiration are classic romantic paintings, contrasts, shadows, and sunlight shining through cloudy skies. In my art I use elements of romanticism, symbolism, and surrealism.

I use nature, landscape, animals, and people as symbols that convey a deeper meaning hidden in the painting. My art gives you a feeling of entering a world of myth, fairy-tale or dream, reminding you of the existence of that other, hidden layer of reality.

Kontakta Renata Edin

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