Rebecka Forsén

Rebecka Forsén

Göteborg    Född: 1987

Rebecka Forsén is a Swedish artist based in Gothenburg. After Studying Interior Design and working in Architecture in Stockholm she found a passion for Textile Art. After completed studies in Experimental Arts focusing on Textile, she studied Creative Production and Conceptual Art while displaying her signature metal paintings in Sweden, Italy, France, Spain, and USA.

Rebecka's work is characterized by finding ways to bring out various layered textures and movements in paintings on metal sheets. She works fast and intuitive to capture a feeling rather than a fixed motif. The process is one of spontaneous textile inspired creations in combination with abstract graffiti influences. Working closely with contrasts since this is what inspires her most. Soft and Hard. Fast and Slow. The colors and compositions invite the viewer to explore their own inner movements and layers.

Medlem i konstnärsförening
Svenska Konstnärsförbundet

Currently in collaboration with:

Laguna Art Gallery
California, USA

Art in Offices
London, England

Van Gogh Art Gallery
Madrid, Spain

Divulgarti Group Galleries
Genoa, Italy

Kontakta Rebecka Forsén

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