Jörgen Moberg

Jörgen Moberg


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I cut into books, magazines or encyclopedias and initially put a cushion on the back of the cut-out paper figures, before deciding how or where the parts should sit on the black background. I often try larger groups of cut-out figures individually, before deciding how to place them in the composition or in relation to each other. Once I have decided and designed perspectives, proportions and context, I finally use a glue pin with which I attach the paper figures. The pleasurable part of the work process lies in assembling or replacing the meaning or changing the conditions of the different shapes or objects in the composition.  It is exciting to have the intuitive as a supervisor and it is often unpredictable even for me what the composition will be, what you as a viewer interpret in or how the different parts of the picture talk. Of course, I use my experience, humour and skills as well as the subconscious that takes me by the hand and leads me into this world

Bachelor's degree in metal handcraft 2001. Steneby handcraftschool
Master of fine art/Public design HDK Gothenburg university 2009

1997-2021 around 40 exhibitions and projects in Stockholm, Göteborg, Vänersborg, Karlstad, Bengtsfors m.fl
2001-2003 founded and built the artist collective not quite
2007-16 Art meets music, different projects
Art meets music - Bruk2021
2021 Vårsalongen Liljevalchs Stockholm
Art meets music - Bruk2022 installationen "inner sanctum"
Kommande 2023. Chasing demons, videoverk Rexcells maskinhall
16/9 Monitor going to sleep, Soundperformenc

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