Mithila Kara

Mithila Kara

Hallands län    Född: 1977

Nice to meet you! I am an artist, yogini, writer and spiritual channel/psychic medium living in Sweden, Halland.

Feel free to contact me in Swedish, I am Swedish and fluent in the language. For the sake of my international family and friends I am presenting my work in English.

Fun Story:
I received a message in 2012 from a former yoga student. She asked me for a painting of a Buddha that she could put on her altar. I said to her, ''Åse, you do realize that I am not a painter.'' She said, ''that doesn't matter, I want to see Buddhas image through your eyes, I give you 7 years to complete the painting, here is a picture of what Im looking for.''

Thanks to her extraordinary request, and even though I barely met her during those 7 years I started to paint a year or two after she asked this of me. Her request and several other strong messages pointed me in the direction of art. My father being a painter and writer, my Guru Kriyaji being an incredible multi-talented artist inspiration and other talented friends works have all been part of my picture.

I decided yes I will do this, I want to do this. I bought material, I gathered myself, I set up a painting studio in the office of my then yoga studio and I started to create. Here you see the result of that creation process. Now I live in our house in the countryside where we have our ateljé and I love to spend time there and make things appear. I am always surprised and excited by what appears, even when it seems like a lost cause on a canvas...then suddenly it takes a turn into something I adore. Those moments of spontaneous creation and feeling of freedom is what draws me to paint and explore color and texture, different strokes and mediums.

in 2018, I met Åse again and I told her: ''I have not forgotten you, I have the image you sent me and I will make a painting that you can then choose to keep or I will make you another one.''

In 2019 I started and finished the painting that she requested. I was happy with the result and she too was moved and accepted it for her altar and we are both thrilled by the extraordinary connection we have shared of this experience.

Now: I have been painting more and more since 2020 and the primary result thereof you find in the recent publications here in the Galactic Collection and Yogic Collection from 2021 onwards.

I love the creative conversation and you can follow my process on @movingspirit on instagram. For the yogic/channeling you can follow @yogamonks or visit the website.

I hope you will enjoy seeing my work as much as I enjoy the incredible process of joy I live as I make art for myself and others.

With love,

Kontakta Mithila Kara

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