Miad Mirzaei

Miad Mirzaei

Född: 1985

Miad Mirzaei was born in 1985 in Iran. He studied art and went to Europe to study at the age of 20. He now lives in Sweden. He published his first book in the field of poetry and illustration at the age of 18 as the youngest author in the country. He has published four books in the field of poetry and illustration. Since then, he has held numerous painting exhibitions in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Miad also works in the field of printing and advertising. He manages a large advertising and printing office that has designed and printed very large billboards and banners for large companies and famous brands. He is also currently teaching painting, making music videos, and directing promotional videos.

Bachelor of painting from Isfahan Art University.

2006 published my first book in the field of poetry and illustration named
"Dark Illustration of a Poet".I was selected as the youngest author of the year and published my book in a circulation of 2000 copies.
The second book in the field of poetry, titled "Until the age of 30"published in 1000 copies,
the third book in 2016, in the field of modern art, 2014

My Exhibitions:
Iran (Rasht) 2005
Iran (Teheran) 2006
Iran (Bandar Anzali) 2007
Dubai 2007
Iran (Isfahan) 2008
Spain (Barcelona) 2009
Sweden (Uppsala) 2010
Sweden (Gutenberg) 2011
Sweden (Uppsala) 2012
Usa(Los Angeles)
Sweden (Uppsala) 2014
Canada (Toronto) 2020
mexico (cancun) 2022

Kontakta Miad Mirzaei

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