Lotta Blanking

Lotta Blanking

Malmö     Född: 1969

I am a mixed media artist, working from a home based studio in Malmö in Southern parts of Sweden. My artwork is about playing with the unexpected, something old, something new and yet with softness to create new contexts.

The fact that I've always lived by the sea, is unconsciously reflected in my artwork. I'm attracted to the freedom, the endless horizon and the strong element of water. The sun and wind as natural neighbours have strongly influenced my art as well. In my sculpturing I am mainly inspired by the beauty of natural patina & aging in Wabi-sabi and Kintsugi, where the object’s value as well as it’s flaws are seen equally as something to cherish, not to disguise.

My creativity has no clear destination. The joy is embedded in the process, the discovery and the learning along the way. When looking at my art, I hope it awakes curiosity, attracts and even enhances you with a sense or feeling.

Art2Life Creative Visionary Program 2021/2022
Workshops med Judy Woods, Alice Sheridan, Riben Marie, Ory Avineri.

Medlem i konstnärsförening
Öppna Sinnen, MKK

2022 Gallerihelgen Malmö
2022 Venkat Hair, Västra Hamnen
2022 Nordic Art Agency
2022 Vellinge Kommunhus
2022 Burlöv Konstklubb
2022 Holy Art Gallery, London
2022 Art Öresund, Helsingborg
2022 Liljevalchs Vårsalong 2022
2021 The Nordic Art Guide 21/22
2021 Galleri Foteviken, Höllviken
2020 Kafé Limhamn
2020 Konstrundan Online
2020 Art Öresund, Helsingborg

Kontakta Lotta Blanking

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