Lena Lindstrand

Lena Lindstrand


I am a Swedish artist with an academic background in social science. My major disciplines are sociology and psychology but beside my profession, the creation of art has always been an important factor in my life.
My work in art explores a colorful mind in action and the result is often an explosion of experimentation and colors. I mainly do large paintings using different techniques. Sometimes I make different creative crafts or draw plain drawings showcasing everyday events.
In my creative process the colors and patterns tell me where to go and if I am lucky - a magic moment tells me a story! My vision is always to create an honest painting. Other than that, I have participated in several exhibitions in Sweden.

Individual courses.

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I have participated in several exhibitions
Sörmlandssalongen 2019
M.A.D.S Art Gallery i Milano 2021


⭐️Mina målningar finns representerade hos Mats Bergmans galleri. https://gallerimatsbergman.se
⭐️Instagram https://instagram.com/lena.lindstrand.art
Publicerat 5 juli

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