Lea Laboy

Lea Laboy

Lea Laboy - Professional Fine Artist.
A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts.
Last Akoun cotation 2021 : 2500 euros
Lea Laboy is the author of books in the fiels of art :

"Dissertation on the color blue"
"Flight as an ecstatic experience of freedom"
"Discourse on French painting 1610 - 1789"
( co - author )

Certificate - The Art of Watercolor : Paint Your Vision of the World / David Poxon RI, NWS
Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; Vermeer
Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; Rembrandt
Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; El Greco
Certificate - Rigorous Color Theory for Artists
Certificate - Old Masters Drawing Techniques
Certificate - The Laws of Visual Perception: Unit, Weight, Balance and Movement
Certificate - Impressionism
Certificate - Oil Painting Course
Certificate - Learning Activity Design for Museum Educators
Certificate - Scenography course for cinema, theater and TV
Certificate - Art Management & Exhibition Design
Certificate - Icon painting course
Certificate - Writing a scientific research article

Kontakta Lea Laboy

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