Lars Hedin

Lars Hedin

Spanien     Född: 1981

Lars Hedin
usually called "Larsa" I am a happy and positive young man with was born in Dalarna (Sweden) in the early 80's.
On a small farm in Almo (a village with about 200 inhabitants outside Siljansnäs in the city of Leksand, Sweden)
i grow up, but today I live in Mijas just above the beautiful city of Fuengirola in southern Spain.

I am a chef and self-taught artist that with a great interest in art, colors, experiences and service, as well as food and drinks,
wants to make the world a little more beautiful and enjoyable.
I´m an open and outgoing person with great sense of responsibility and willpower.
I would describe my self as creative, social and ambitious, and perhaps a little "crazy" that never back´s down to a new challenge.

My painting is a very wide mix of motifs and techniques (formed from a graffiti background in younger teens),
i have a certain preference for stencils and to create patterns that i then print on a different background.

I usually work with acrylic, but even watercolor and oil can sometimes appear. It happens that there will be some sculpture to, but not very often.
I always have a thought when I start painting (it may be a motif I want to get or some colors I want to emphasize) but quite often it ends in another.

Kontakta Lars Hedin

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