Julia Håkansson

Oljemålning Mulberry Swirl av Julia Håkansson

Julia Håkansson

Mulberry Swirl, 2023

42 x 56 cm

6 500 kr

Mulberry Swirl is a mix of raw linen, dark wood and soft oil colors. I love to play around with the contrasts between different materials and textures and this painting represents the beauty of all three elements

6 500 kr

Om konstnären

I'm a Swedish artist and Industrial Designer based in Stockholm. Daytime I work as a product designer and during my free time I paint as a hobby.

I have been painting with oil color since I was a child and I love the possibilities of texture and depth it brings. I find joy in creating the most simple motives with a few strokes and the right colors and combine it with the right frame. I find my inspiration in the space between realism and the abstract - in my paintings I want to blur the boundaries between reality and imagination, capturing emotions without exposing full facial expressions.

My oil paintings are are made to stand the test of time - every single part of the painting is made with highest quality material. All paintings are put together by hand from scratch, from stretching the canvas to customising the wooden frames.

Konstskolan Stockholm
Industrial Design bachelor Umeå Institute of Design
Product Design term ArtCenter college of Design

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