Robin Ahlgren

Akrylmålning The acrobat av Robin Ahlgren

Robin Ahlgren

The acrobat, 2023

50 x 61 cm

9 800 kr

An original painting on a raw linen canvas with a size of 50x61cm. Painted with acrylic paint.

9 800 kr

Om konstnären

I am a Swedish artist and an interior architect based in Stockholm. My interest in art started at a young age when I often watched my grandfather paint in his atelier.

“I started creating art when I was very young, at first I painted a lot with acrylic and oil doing abstract art but as I’ve grown into my own style I like it more simple and clean.”

I moved to Paris at the age of 21 to learn more about art and architecture and to study french. After half a year in Paris, I moved to Marbella, Spain to study interior architecture. After my BA honours degree, I moved back to Stockholm.

“I do art because it is a beautiful way to express myself in, showing feelings, mood, and the perfect way to disappear into another world for a while, for me it’s a little bit like yoga, being in my atelier.”

I get my inspiration from my grandfather, Picasso, Henri Matisse and a lot of other artists that create contemporary art.

“To me, art is something that you can look at plenty of times but always see something different, art is inspiring and meditating.”

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