Christina Ridgeway

Oljemålning The Lovers, Christina Ridgeway

Christina Ridgeway

The Lovers, 2023

45 x 60 cm

16 000 kr

This painting is available FRAMED through Galleri Melefors:
Follow the link to see photos of the painting framed!

This painting is about an imbalanced relationship and when one person's heart is involved and the other's is not. You can read more about the painting on my blog!

16 000 kr

Om konstnären

Hi! My name is Christina and I am an American magical realism oil painter living in Falköping.
I have been an active artist since 2011 and have shown (and curated) in exhibitions around the world.
My paintings are very much a conversation I have with the viewer. They are meant to be beautiful but I love beauty with a twist, something that makes a person linger.
Having lived abroad in many different countries throughout my adult life I have found art to be the one universal language I can use to express myself always. I love creating images which are naturally meaningful to me but also open to interpretation from the viewer. What does it make you think of? What emotion comes forward?
It is a timeless connection of artist to viewer that I strive for.

I am primarily self taught but I did take one semester at the Swedish Academy of Realistic Art in 2017!

I am currently working on a new collection of 10 pieces for Galleri Melefors in Linköping. You can follow that journey on Instagram:
You can see a full list of all my previous on my website:

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