Christina Ridgeway

Oljemålning We Are All Mad Here, Christina Ridgeway

Christina Ridgeway

We Are All Mad Here, 2022

75 x 55 cm

This painting explores the idea of ‘shadow work’ and embracing the darker parts of one’s personality. I think the initial reaction to anyone trying to ‘better themselves’ is to banish whatever negative traits they may have. I have found this to be impossible. Humans, by nature, are all a little mad. I think the true purpose and challenge of shadow work is to accept those pieces of ourselves – understand them. Invite them to tea perhaps and have a chat!

Created for Wow x Wow Gallery and their December "Mystical Rhythms" show.

Om konstnären

Hi! My name is Christina and I am an American magical realism oil painter living in Falköping.
I have been an active artist since 2011 and have shown (and curated) in exhibitions around the world.
My paintings are very much a conversation I have with the viewer. They are meant to be beautiful but I love beauty with a twist, something that makes a person linger.
Having lived abroad in many different countries throughout my adult life I have found art to be the one universal language I can use to express myself always. I love creating images which are naturally meaningful to me but also open to interpretation from the viewer. What does it make you think of? What emotion comes forward?
It is a timeless connection of artist to viewer that I strive for.

I am primarily self taught but I did take one semester at the Swedish Academy of Realistic Art in 2017!

I am currently working on a new collection of 10 pieces for Galleri Melefors in Linköping. You can follow that journey on Instagram:
You can see a full list of all my previous on my website:

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