Akrylmålning ARCHIPELAGO No.2209, Gustaf Tidholm

ARCHIPELAGO No.2209, 2022

80 x 100 cm



Abstract Expressionism, by artist Gustaf Tidholm.

Nr 7, in the Archipelago serie.

I want these paintings to inspire the viewer and give a feeling of sea, wind, grass, soil, rust, consisting of pale colors and tones that, like at sea, have been bleached by weather and wind and become more beautiful with time.

We also become more beautiful with time, even if we say the opposite. Live life and let life live with you. Aging is a phenomenon that we can choose how we want to relate to, and in addition to the sea and wind making surface layers all the more beautiful over time, the sea also gives a feeling of harmony, and calm, and of course aging also gives a calm and a harmony with time.

Embrace the warm colors of sundawn by the sea, perhaps at the whater, stearing at the coastlines. Hang it as you like, at any direction, your direction of the artworks are the right one.


80x100 cm
(31.5x39.4 in)

Om konstnären

Gustaf Tidholm paints abstract expressionist art with acrylics at canvas.

With his artworks he wishes you to experience joy, hope, happiness, power, inspiration, peace and faith that everything will be alright.

The joy of painting is to get the inspiration throughout the process. It is a perfect form of meditation. Very often he have an intention with the idea from the beginning on paper, which eventually turns out into something complete different when the artwork is finished. That is the pure joy of letting the spirit lands in the artwork. To let the expression became honest and real at the final complete artwork.

Color selection and working methods are always determined when the work is designed, unless it is a commissioned work with a clear starting point or wishes from the buyer.

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