Bästisar (Best Friends), Annika Rehn

Bästisar (Best Friends), 2020

14,5 x 27,5 cm

Sculpture in stoneware. Engobe paint.

6 500 krKöpförfrågan

Om konstnären

Annika Rehn lives in Lund, in the south of Sweden, where she has her studio. She studied art at Lund’s Art School and the Northwest Scania’s College in the nineties and she has sculptured since, normally in clay or bronze.
She has always been fascinated by people; their reactions, movements and facial expressions.
”In town I can suddenly find myself thoroughly engrossed – observing the fruit
vendor in the square, the old man who gathers empty cans from the dustbins or a teenage couple infatuated with each other. It is normal everyday people and situations that gives me inspiration for my art. But also theatre, dance and other cultural expressions.”
If you would like to see more of her art you can contact her for a visit in the studio. Or you can visit Lund Cathedral where she has a permanent work about Saint Laurentius’ life. She also has some works at the University hospital in Lund.


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