Kirsi Hallberg

Kirsi Hallberg

Kirsi Hallberg (1975) is a Swedish artist, born in Finland. Kirsi creates original paintings and art prints.

"My inner world is visual, I see and feel in pictures. And that's also how I explore the world around me. For me painting is an outlet for feelings and emotions and it has become a natural and necessary part of me - almost like breathing"

To capture feeling. An expression. A moment of this beautiful life. How subtle changes in value, light and dark, make shapes appear on the canvas – these are some of the ingredients that drives Kirsis creativity.

Kirsis work is characterized mostly by portraits in black and white, seasoned with colour to enhance the feeling and atmosphere in the artwork. Kirsi has not limited herself to any specific medium or technique, that is up to the motive and feeling of the artwork to determine.

Estetisk inriktning på gymnasiet
Privata konststudier

2020 Konstrundan, Upplands-Bro
2020 Vårsalongen, Upplands-Bro
2019 Vårsalongen, Upplands-Bro

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