Kalina Dzhambova is contemporary artist based in Gothenburg with years of experience in architecture, design and visual arts.
Her watercolor paintings are bold, surprising and at the same time dreamy and gentle. Her technique shows watercolor in new way and makes her work rare and intriguing.
Faces, defragmented but so alive, showing how different beauty can be. A path to self discovery where viewer is invited to be part of the artist world.
Through her work, Kalina expresses her belief that beauty is being unique and accept every piece of ourselves, even the broken ones.
Every scar and every pain, every love and fear, all our memories, made us who we are - different and perfect in our own way.

• 5 years architectural University education at UACEG, including history of art and architecture, design, composition, graphic drawing of human (body and head with real life models), architectural details, geometry objects and animal skulls in pencil and charcoal; watercolor; lino print; collage; building models from paper, clay, wood and others.
• 2 years Pre-univercity art classes (incl. graphics, composition, color, light study, proportions, portrait, etc.) years at UACEG, Bulgaria
• Art classes in National Palace of Children, Bulgaria from age 6.

Year 2022, "Art evening" May 4th - Stampgatan 22b, Gothenburg - Upcoming.

Year 2021, "Mosaics" at RiverCity Gallery, Gothenburg
Year 2020, "We continue", Charity exhibition at Oncology Centre, Sofia

Kontakta Kalina DZHAMBOVA

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