Juhani Rytkönen

Juhani Rytkönen

Pictures, charged with tenderness.

The most radical art - the one that grabs me with barbs and opens a new life for me - it is created mostly by people who have been outside: Outside idyll and happiness. It seems to me that only those who suffered the hardships of life, are those who can master making art that will endure.

Juhani Rytkönen is such an artist. Through his suite of glittering beautiful and coloristically beautiful paintings discerns I both pain and longing for belonging and love.

For even a longing for love is love, and the lure of faith in tenderness and sensuality can often create a strong and truly significant art.

Such is the case with Juhani Rytkönen and his art. In his emotions so loaded image hosting, I see clear evidence of the need to evoke symbols that might - and in the best case - can give us the strength to make it through the difficult and reach toward life's joys.

The titles of his paintings can be "Detention", "director", "Proposal" and "Wait".

It is the name of the paintings that constantly reminds the viewer of his own painful and search for the sources of life.

Although the artist Juhani Rytkönen not at all in the superficial sense of the word is a "religious" painter, I see happy an almost Christian symbolism in his work. And since I am convinced that we all need a loving compass for taking us forward in the often difficult life becomes Juhani titles, paintings and applicants fruitful and almost vital element in my own life.

The space forces to the limit, and therefore it becomes specify location for me to clearly and immediately tell that this is about a man who gives me help. It becomes, therefore, that the paintings are for me like a bridge over troubled water. It feels as if his art is painted with his heart's blood.

Stig Åke Stålnacke

Egen, inga konstskolor, eller kurser

Malmöfestival 2015, Svenska Konstgalleriet
Art Expo New York 2016,med Svenska Konstgalleriet
Artistes Du Monde Cannes. 21. - 26. 09. 2016 med Svenska Konstgalleriet.
Musee du Louvre 20.-22.2017 med Svenska Konstgalleriet
Costa del Sol Fuengirola 2010
Finska förening 40 års jubileum Eskilstuna Sweden 2015
Almänna konstutställning vid Eskilstunaån bredvis konstmuset. 1999 Sweden
European Capital of Culture Turku, Finland 2011.
Träffen, Skiftinge Eskilstuna, Sweden !997.
Eskilstuna Färghandel & Konstnärsmaterial AB, Eskilstuna , Sweden 1998.
Några stycken hos Asociacion Finlandesa Suomela, Fuengirola España 2000 -2005

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