Judith Vitense

Judith Vitense

Stockholm, Stockholms län

For me, creating abstract art significates to enter “a lawless space” of creativity without neither “rules” nor “right” or “wrong”.

“Anything is possible”

I just follow my intuition, being totally disconnected from the outside world, following my inner voice while using acrylic paint on canvas with all kinds of tools I can find in the kitchen or art supply shops.

When I am painting, I am taking my inside to the outside which gives each of my originals its very personal story. Originally, I am from former East Berlin, which also might have had an impact on my art being very colorful

Gallery Dencker+Schneider
"A Private Perspective" by Donald Hughes
03.01 – 28.02.2020

Sara´s Art & Coffee
Västerlånggatan 45
Gamla Stan
111 29 Stockholm Stockholm
17. 3 - 21.3.2021

Haga Bageriet
Fleminggatan 107
11232 Stockholm Stockholm
22.3 - 22.5.2021

M.A.D.S. art gallery of Milan
Digital mixed art gallery
"ROMANTICA -Shape of my Art" Milano
23.4 – 02.05.2021

Stockholms Handelskammaren
Brunsgatan 2
11138 Stockholm
01.09 – 29.12.2021

TriOptima AB
Mäster Samuels Gatan 17
111 44 Stockholm Stockholm
14.03 – 14.04.2022

Sara´s Art & Coffee
Västerlånggatan 45
Gamla Stan
111 29 Stockholm Stockholm
15. 4 – 17.4.2022

Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen
Kungsgatan 3
11143 Stockholm Stockholm
01.04.2022 - ongoing

Meduza & Friends
Lästmakargatan 24B
11144 Stockholm Stockholm
22.07 – 07.09.2022

Juste Gallery
Heleneborgsgatan 24
11732 Stockholm

21.10 – 23.10.2022

Kontakta Judith Vitense

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