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For me, art is not the final piece on the wall. It is my way of creating and exploring shapes, materials, techniques and colors. Feeding my curiosity. That´s why the process of making is my art and the piece on the wall is a result of that art.

I´m always experimenting with new techniques and materials, where nature is my biggest source of inspiration. How can I translate a rock or a beautiful plant into an abstract shape? How can I transform 2D into 3D and vice versa? I try to minimize as much as I can. It is like writing a poem, use as little words as possible to tell a complete story.

Even though my work is thought through and has a high level of workmanship I call it ´Superficial Art´. It has an ambiguous meaning. Firstly, the actual shape or image of the work is in the surface. I play with shallowness and the work is so superficial that it will only reveal itself through light and shadows. Secondly, I see my work as abstract and non-figurative. That means I can write a story about what my work represents or what I try to tell with it. But in the end, you like it or you don´t. So I keep it superficial in the way that there is no deep background story of what my work is. It is only the result of my way of working. My process.

I have always been a designer and a maker. I moved to Sweden from the Netherlands in 2019, together with my wife. I enjoy the atmosphere, the space and of course nature. In the Netherlands I worked for renowned artist Daan Roosegaarde as a senior designer.

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