Harika Zerman

Harika Zerman


Harika Zerman is a contemporary artist based in Sundsvall, Sweden. She specializes in abstract painting and relief printing. She started her art career in 2018 in Ireland, where she had the opportunity to create numerous pieces of art which are now in loving homes all around the world. She has recently relocated to Sweden, where she continues to work as a full time artist.

Her work is minimalistic at its core, usually created with a limited color palette. Always with a keen eye on the surrounding nature, on old, worn-out surfaces like trees, walls, and stones, she endeavors to achieve depth and subtle textures. She usually incorporates handmade paper, pieces of textile and materials from mother nature into her paintings. The result is a body of work that is rich in detail and texture.

Soothing and simple at first glance, Harika's paintings and linocut prints invite the viewer to an introspective dialogue, into a realm where the noise of the modern world fades into a distant murmur.

Upcoming exhibitions:

2024 - Made in Medelpad, Sundsvall
2025 - Galleri Granen, Sundsvall

Kontakta Harika Zerman

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