Li Gessbo

Li Gessbo
“Li Gessbo is a contemporary equine artist from Uppsala, Sweden. As a former natural science illustrator and graphic designer is she now making the most expressive paintings, exploring the relationship between horses and humans.

Li has been around horses, raised in a family where she and her siblings have been competing in eventing, show jumping and dressage. Li still trains and competes in dressage, a horse-human relation that inspires to her art. For Li, the horses have always been the source of mental comfort and safety, but in the same time she has been exposed to physical risks and injured a lot of times. This relation arouses mixed feelings.

In her art Li wants to explore the feelings horses can awaken in us and she want to express the interdependence. She also asks questions about the experiences that horses and humans share: We are living in the same world, we are different, but perhaps more similar than one would think? The horse is also a symbol and a creature that we can project both our dreams and fears on. Li moves in the borderland between abstract and figurative art. She wants to let emotion and intuition control the creative process and works consciously to focus on the expression of feelings and not to illustrate reality. Each artwork is a unique piece of contemporary art, it doesn’t look like anything else.”

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Member of Paard Verzameld - the largest platform for equine art in the world.
Member of the international artist collective of Paard Verzameld.

Member of Svenska Konstnärsförbundet (The Swedish Artists Association).

2020 Virbela ateljé, skapa i betong, Järna
2019 Ylva Sagers ateljé, gouache, Vadstena
2017 Global Stone Workshop, marmor, Uppsala
Mälardalens högskola: Fil.kand. Informationsdesign, naturvetenskaplig illustration
Uppsala universitet: lärarutbildning, bild

Medlem i konstnärsförening
Svenska Konstnärsförbundet, Paard Verzameld

Galleri Zeitgeist - Pop up art, Saluhallen, Uppsala
July 11-24, Stenhuset, Skokloster
September 5-10, Galleri Bellman, Stockholm
October 31 - November 5, Galleri Upsala, Uppsala

May 1, Hästivalen, Säva Ridcenter, Örsundsbro
November 16, Galleri Zeitgeist - Art Show, Uppsala


Planerar sommarutställning, Stenhuset, Skokloster i augusti 2021.
Publicerat 21 april

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