Gabriel Estaifo

Gabriel Estaifo

Always been a person who sees everything with many thoughts and perspective, analyzing and reflecting my environment. Seeing and feeling things that others may not see or feel.

My impressions of the world led me to a difficult depression and my greatest refuge was to paint.
The canvas, the pensels and all the colors in my hands.. Finally I can show the world what the world shows me.

”When 2 people look at a painting and see 2 different things, that’s when I know I’ve made it.”

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2020 Sodra Sallskapet, Åsögatan 111, Stockholm.

Upcoming vernissage: 2021 Svea inramningar, Sveavägen 82-84, Stockholm.


Working on a upcoming exhibition that will be held early 2021.
Inspired by some of the greatest painters of all time, such as Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Leonardo Da Vinci and Frank Duveneck.

Stay tuned!
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