Emma Järvenpää

Emma Järvenpää



Born in Mölndal, Sweden 1983, Emma is a self taught artist. She started working with collage/mixed media in 2014 when she spent 3 months in Austin, Texas.

"Collaging is like making puzzles.

I collect books, magazines, records and catalogues on my trips and in everyday life.

My work becomes a mix of different times and events, like a frozen moment in time. I wonder sometimes, if my art will be here in hundreds of years; and what about it will be meaningful at that time, for the person looking at it then.

- Emma Järvenpää


The 80’s and 90’s, Amy Winehouse, Jon von Letscher, Lance Letscher, New Zealand, Anthony Kiedis, Andy Warhol, The Clayton Brothers, Jean-Michel Basquiat, my family and friends, Niki de saint Phalle, Kurt Cobain, Marilyn Monroe, Frida Kahlo, England and Austin.

2016/ Eagle Loves Art, Mölndals Golfklubb - Mölndal/Sweden

2016/ Konstrundan Västra Hisingen, Kulturhuset Vingen - Gothenburg/Sweden

2016/ Solo Art Show at River City Gallery, Eriksberg - Gothenburg/Sweden

2017/ Events in West - Woman for charity - Kungsbacka/Sweden

2017/ Solo Art Show at Gothia Towers (The Gallery) - Gothenburg/Sweden

2017/ Affordable Art Fair Stockholm (Nordic Art Wall) - Stockholm/Sweden

2017/ Solo Art Show at Hogia Stenungsund - Stenungsund/Sweden

2018/Art Show at Gothia Towers (Art Walk 100) - Gothenburg/Sweden

2018/Affordable Art Fair Stockholm (Jolu Art Design) - Stockholm/Sweden

2018/ Solo Art Show at Hogia Stenungsund - Stenungsund/Sweden

2019/ Arken Spa & Hotel - Gothenburg/Sweden

2019/ Affordable Art Fair Stockholm (Nordic ArtWall) - Stockholm/Sweden

2019/ First Hotel G - Gothenburg Sweden

2020/ HAK Scandic Europa - Gothenburg Sweden

Kontakta Emma Järvenpää

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