200Dina Johnsen

Dina Johnsen

Stockholm    Född: 1969

Dina Johnsen - an artist, born and raised in Kazakhstan, who resides and creates in Europe since 2009. Dina lived in Belgrade, Oslo, Amsterdam and is now based in Stockholm, Sweden. She made a career in fashion and lifestyle magazines in Moscow (Cosmopolitan, Marie Clare, Playboy etc.) and over the years received a great experience in luxury branding. Dina Johnsen experimented much in photography in 2010-2012 and published 2 coffee table books devoted to the cultural scene of Belgrade, Serbia (www.dinajohnsen.com). During her stay in Norway in 2012-2016, she was also interviewing and photographing the people who make a difference in Oslo (www.theoslobook.no). In Amsterdam, she was active in philanthropy by supporting, together with her husband, a leading restoration project of the Rijksmuseum - The Night Watch by Rembrandt. As a member of the International Circle of the Rijksmuseum, she also travels around the world with the curators of the museum visiting exhibitions and art fairs. Life in Amsterdam and later in Stockholm has become a big source of inspiration for Dina Johnsen. She creates abstract art using mixed media and acrylic paint.

Kontakta Dina Johnsen

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