Bernard Valter

Bernard Valter

Hammar    Född: 1959


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In 2016 I started the video blog Sanity4Sweden. Some liked what I was saying about mass immigration, the EU, aggressive feminism and man-made global warming, but most relatives, friends, customers and contacts turned away. When people who liked and bought my art, before 2016, realized I was different, many doors were shut.

I stopped painting and took down my website. I had no inspiration.

After a few years I was back to painting but my real name was still making things hard. It was a peculiar feeling - people simply didn't want to be associated with my name. So I created an artist alias, Bernard Valter.

Two things happened around 2020:

1) Now some media and even a few politicians talked about the situation in Sweden, using language I had used years earlier. Media and these politicians were now just as different as I used to be. The EU was seriously questioned by more of my friends, while most of our politicians were still enthusiastic about sending billions of taxpayer money to Brussels. Some men identified as women and started competing in women's sport, leaving women out of deserved victories. Not a single one of the climate alarmist's many "predictions" came thru, and a growing number of people asked questions. More people talked about the fact that climate is never the same, and that Earth quite recently was much warmer than what we see now. The climate alarmists simply "forgot" to tell people about this.
2) Interest in my art grew strong.

Today I no longer need my artist alias but I'm keeping it to remind myself of what happened.

Also in 2020 governments and health officials around the world decided we should all participate in a medical experiment. And if we didn't our lives would be restricted. The propaganda and pressure was unbelievable and I heard that 5,7 billion people participated and took at least one injection. It was hard to believe what I observed - unvaccinated were discriminated and ridiculed in media and by the state. Me and my girlfriend had some personal experiences which we thought would be impossible in a Swedish society.

Again I was considered extreme and even dangerous, when I from the very start of this worldwide experiment questioned what was happening and refused to be part of it. And now this too is changing, as more and more people look into the propaganda and the result from this medical experiment, and understand that this was experimentation on humans - a violation of the Nuremberg code.

About me as an artist:

For me painting is spiritual, so I hope that my work manifests myself, what I am about. I refuse to have "a style". I change, my mood changes, so my work will not be constant.

I started painting seriously in 1996. with my first exhibition in Stockholm 1998, followed by about 40 shows. My work is now permanently displayed in my own gallery here at the homestead.

I never use projectors or computers - I use my eyes and a free hand.

I also do commissioned work.

Medlem i konstnärsförening
Norra Vätterns Bild- och Formkonstnärer

Med i konstrunda
NVBOFs årliga konstrunda

About 40 shows


Listening to music while I paint. I know the music I hear will add to the work, it's inevitable.
Publicerat 15 februari
I look at a new empty canvas, and I can't rely on what I did in the past - it's all new. It's like painting has no memory.
Publicerat 16 januari
Complication or simplification? Maybe lately my work is moving towards simplification.
Publicerat 10 januari
Probably in a week I'll finish another big butt-lady. What can I say? I'm a man, and I like them big.
Publicerat 28 oktober 2023
15 Oct 2023
Back to painting again after this cold summer. I started painting for ten minutes every day, and then after a few days it took off, soon finishing one about Christianity which I started before summer.
Publicerat 15 oktober 2023

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