Bernard Valter

Bernard Valter

Hammar     Född: 1959


In 2016 it happened. I started the video blog Sanity4Sweden and almost every day I talked to a growing number of viewers. Some liked what I was saying about mass immigration, the EU, aggressive feminism and man made global warming, but there were mainly negative reactions from relatives, customers and contacts. When people who liked and bought my art, before 2016, realized I was a monster, a lot of doors were shut.

I actually stopped painting and took down my website.

After a few years I started painting again but my real name was still making things tough. It was a peculiar feeling - people simply didn't want to be associated with my name. So I created an artist alias, Bernard Valter, and started again from scratch.

Two things happened around 2020:

1) People started talking: Maybe mass immigration wasn't such a great idea? What are the ridiculously well paid bureaucrats in Brussels really doing? Are men and women identical? Are masculine men a threat to society? And global warming proved to be false. So they changed it and said it was "bad weather", and people, cows and moose are causing it.
2) Interest in my art grew strong.

Today I no longer need my artist alias but I'm keeping it to remind myself of what happened in 2016.

Another oddity was introduced in 2020: Governments and health officials around the world decided we should all participate in a medical experiment. And if we didn't our lives would be restricted. The unvaccinated were discriminated and ridiculed in media and by the state. Me and my girlfriend had some personal experiences which we thought would be impossible in a Swedish society.

It's quite amusing - again I was considered extreme and even dangerous when I from the very start of this worldwide experiment questioned what was happening and refused to be part of it. I was also heavily censored. Many of my videos were removed and I was blocked from posting new videos for weeks.

I see now that more and more people are starting to ask questions also about this. Not that I care very much about what people think, but maybe in a few years I will no longer be considered a threat to society.

About me as an artist:

For me painting is spiritual, so I hope that my work manifests myself, what I am about. I refuse to have "a style". I change, my mood changes, so my work will not be constant.

I started painting seriously in 1996. with my first exhibition in Stockholm 1998, followed by about 40 shows. My work is now permanently displayed in my own gallery here at the homestead.

I never use projectors or computers - I use my eyes and a free hand.

I also do commissioned work.

For more information, contact Maria at

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Med i konstrunda
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About 40 shows


Every year when spring and summer comes I spend almost all my time outdoors. Because painting has been such a huge pleasure lately I still paint for about an hour a day.
Publicerat 22 april
On my last show I was asked: "Where are the inks? I thought you worked in ink?"
Now I took a break from oil to do some inks, 6 or 7 of them for the upcoming show late April.
Ink is brutal, very direct, so I know that my hand needs to be relaxed and I can't hesitate. I enjoyed it very much also this time. Now back to the oil.
Publicerat 29 mars

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