Nadezda Beletskaya

Nadezda Beletskaya


I work with soft pastels, watercolours and ink, acrylic.

The vivid and soft hues of watercolours. The preciseness and streamlined features of ink. I have always been fascinated by both of these and the way I can make them both come to live and develop together in my paintings. My art is not only a fusion of these two motifs, but at the same time a journey of the marriage between the Classic art school and Chinese painting.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo da Vinci
"Belka" Art Studio at Sofierogatan 3B, Malmö

2000 - 2006 The Classic Arts School of Surikov’s. Siberia, Russia
2008 - 2016 The Chinese Painting and Calligraphy Society of Singapore
2022 – present time. "Belka" Art Studio. Malmö, Sweden

2021 Galleri Helg. Malmö, Sweden
2022 September: Galleri Helg. Malmö, Sweden
2022 October: Luftkastellet. Malmö, Sweden

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