Shabnam Jamshidbeigi

Shabnam Jamshidbeigi


Someone who has searching eyes and looks for special angles, light, color and form in the world around.
She learned painting by herself and in these 25 years of artistic journey she tried to learn how to put colors and forms together by mixing it with her fantasy and creativity.
Trial and error and of course studying the history of art and works of artists played a big role in her progress.
Seeing well is the light of this artist’s path who, of course, still considers herself as a seeker in the endless path of art.

A course of Color composition by Babak Etminani/ Iran
A course of The history of art by Aydin Aghdashloo/Iran

I have had several exhibitions in my own gallery in my hometown Iran and here in Sweden i have had three exhibition in stockholm (2018) Södertälje (2015) and Alvik ( 2013)

Kontakta Shabnam Jamshidbeigi

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