200Marie Staaf

Marie Staaf

Skellefteå    Född: 1980

My name is Marie and I live in Skellefteå, in northern Sweden.

I am completely self-taught and started painting in the autumn of 2016, a time in my life with a lot of stress and where I felt I needed some space and private time. I first started with aquarelle and after some time I started painting in acrylic. I practice and learn new techniques every day.

Painting is a way for me to be in the moment, to breathe and just follow the creation. I create what feels good at the moment, but I usually find inspiration from the nature. Most of the time, the motif appears during the process.

Skicka ett meddelande för pris och tillgänglighet staafmarie@gmail.com

Instagram: @artbystaaf

Utbildning: Autodidakt

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