Jenny Arnborger

Jenny Arnborger

Jenny Arnborger grew up in the archipelago idyll Vaxholm and today lives in Täby, Sweden.

She started painting in 2020 during the mathernity leave with her third child, John-John. Not because she had more time than usual but because she found more inspiration when everyday life gave room for variation.

Jenny paints abstract art in acrylic and has a stylish and unique style where motives often include contrasting neutral & muted colors with mixed transitions and techniques.

On a daily basis, Jenny works with branding & marketing with a focus on the digital channels & PR. Jenny has several courses in photography where she sees painting as a further development of her knowledge in photography. Where the same frame to be composed & filled with the best you have.

She finds inspiration for her modern & abstract style everywhere in everyday life, but also activates ideas and inspiration to constantly start up new objects. She wants to give the viewer and modern feeling where each painting should pop and feel unique in its environment


2021, The Holy Art, London PHENOMENON

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