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Anders Wiberg is an artist based in Sweden. He grew up near the shore of Lake Vättern in the city of Karlsborg in Sweden, where he often went hiking in wildest forests in Tiveden National Park. Already as a child, he drew and painted when he could. He enlisted in the Swedish Armed Forces in 1990 and did UN service in Bosnia in 1994/1995. In 2000, he left the military to search the meaning of life. He studied for a year at art school and started painting on and off. In 2016, Anders began studying the consciousness-studies, neuropsychology and philosophy program at the university in Skövde and, at the age of 50, graduated with bachelor of science with a major in Cognitive Neurosceince. In 2022, he found the iconic TV painter Bob Ross on YouTube. Anders was very inspired by Bob Ross' way of painting and with great passion began to paint according to Bob's instructions and with Bob's special wet-on-wet painting technique.


I paint in oil on canvas and am inspired by the American art instructor Bob Ross. I use Bob Ross' special wet-on-wet painting technique and unorthodox brushes for oil painting. The wet-on-wet technique enables me to paint the entire painting in one sitting. The style I paint with can be described as romantic impressionism.

Impressionism painting wants to capture the atmosphere and depict transient effects in light and color that are of the moment. When I paint a landscape, it is not primarily a realism painting that I want to achieve. Rather, it is the feeling of freedom and the creative playfulness of the painting process that I want to experience. It is an adventure with color and shape that unfolds on the canvas. The path to the final creation is lighted of sense of joy. I try to combine the atmosphere of untouched beautiful nature with my inner world. With a dream in my heart and the image of a landscape in my mind, I project it onto canvas. I want the viewer to experience a relaxed calmness when they are looking at my paintings.

I am available for comission.

Anders’ website is

Group Exhibitions:
2023, Senses International Art Fair, Medina Art Gallery, Rome, Italy. First event|Mixing Identities, September 15 to 28. Second event|Future Landscapes, December 1 to 14.

Solo Exhibitions:
2022 Karlsborg
2011 Skövde
2004 Varnhem
2003 Karlsborg
2003 Skara
2002 Skövde
2001 Hjo

Bob Ross

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