Alona Kirichenko

Alona Kirichenko

Göteborg    Född: 1992

I love when I look at some artwork and feel a connection to it, feel that it has been made by someone who can probably understand me or at least some part of my soul. So warm and cozy is this feeling, so nice to think that maybe you found a like-minded in this hectic world.
I hope my art can give this feeling to someone.

I am a Ukrainian girl that moved to Sweden in 2018.
I am a self-taught artist, that started to paint during the corona pandemic. My main work is programming and my free time is spent on painting.

I just started to exhibit my paintings and create separate profiles for paintings on social networks. I will be glad if you follow me there

Instagram : @contemporary_art_alona
Facebook: Name: Alona Kirichenko Link:

Kontakta Alona Kirichenko

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