Stephen George

Stephen George

I have and been working with design for 35 years now and been self employed with my own Retail/ Furniture Design company for the last 11 years where everything which I previously drew by hand has been replaced by computer sketch and drawing programmes.
I felt that I really needed to do some handwork again and recently returned to my love of painting and drawing after many years sitting in front of at a computer screen.
Swedish nature has been a strong influence on my subject matter, especially Winter scenes and I started using acrylic paints as my medium of choice and lately more palette knife use as well as brushwork.

1977-1980 The Northern School of Art, Middlesbrough, England
1980-1983 Loughborough University College of Art & Design, England.
B.A.Honours degree (3/D Design) Furniture Design

The Three Dials Gallery, Covent Garden, London 1983.

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