Nina Björk

Nina Björk

Nina Björk

From Frösön, Jämtland. Residens in Kungsholmen, Stockholm, Sweden.

My inspiration comes from within. I often have humans, animals, and nature in my paintings, through them I express a story I want to tell. My paintings are insightful, soulful art with a history and a purpose. I paint to encourage and create a resting-place for the eyes, and art that challenge and requires reflection. A face that has a history, a landscape and the people living there, an "awareness" of something more... behind the scenes.

I shift techniques because I want to challenge myself, sometimes I make realistic paintings and sometimes impressionistic or expressionistic paintings. I use a brush or knife when I make the paintings and I paint with oil or acrylic. The whole process of creating a quality painting never goes fast. From idea to sketch and finished artwork takes 5-7 weeks.

I work as an artist, painter. I also have painting classes and make paintings on commission. Follow my blog;

Konst- och miljöskolan, Atelier porträttmålning

Medlem i konstnärsförening
Svenska konstnärsförbundet, K12 Konstringen 12 broar

Med i konstrunda
Konstringen Mälaröarna, Konstringen 12 broar

2015 - Åre, Fjällgården
2015 - Lisselbyutställningen, Mora
2015 - Konstringen Mälaröarna
2016 - Exhibition Galleri Hagström
2016 - SK Konstens Vecka
2016 - Konstrundan på Kungsholmen
2016 - Vintersalongen Väsby Konsthall
2017 - Konstutställning på slottet, Trollebygård i Nye
2017 - Konstrundan på Konstholmen
2018 - Vernissage Edge, Galleri 67, Stockholm
2018 - Sigtuna Kulturgård, invited by Saag Gruppen
2018 - Konstrundan på Kungsholmen
2019 - Konstrundan på Kungsholmen, samt konstnärssamtal.
2020 - From Abstract to Realism - Solna Konsthall
2020 - Yad Labanim Gallery, Rishon Lezion, Israel
2020 - Nominated to the Kiruna Scholarship
2020 - Stockholms Konstsalong 2020


Nya verk i galleriet! :-)
Publicerat 15 mars
Vann stipendiet från Svenska konstnärsförbundet på Stockholms konstsalong 2020! Känner mig glad & hedrad över detta fina pris!
Publicerat 5 november 2020
Medverkar i Stockholms konstsalong i år, 24 okt - 1 nov. Lavalhallen, Nacka. Välkommen! Save the date!
Publicerat 6 oktober 2020
Hey! On my way to Kiruna! Got an artist studio there becouse I was a one of five to the Kiruna Scholarship! So happy for the possibility to see the nature & coulture of the north Swedish city Kiruna and to get some inspiration! :-)
Publicerat 5 september 2020
Nymålad hemester tavla, "Jämtlandsstigen".
Publicerat 24 juli 2020

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