Linus Rosén

Linus Rosén

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From being isolated from the world I found freedom with art and now I'm starting to realize what freedom is. It ain't about what you cant do, its the ability to focus on all the possibilities.

I love to express through Art and put new strains of thought into people’s minds! I'm passionate to create an evolving connection with empathy, wonders, and happiness. I strive for my art to be seen on as many meaningful variations as possible to as many people as possible! Why? Because I want to share my strong views, feelings, and thoughts to create new ones in all amazing actions and situations.

I will continue to evolve and reach that never-ending eternity of expressions as far there is possible. Because that is what life is about to feel, think, and express! ​

Sometimes you have to choose between two or more ideas. Where the choices are not always obvious or simple. But that is what makes you grow and develop in everything including making art. It's about maintaining a positive attitude about what you want to create for yourself and others in whatever you choose. Love, sadness, joy, and pain all have their meaning and as long as you express what you have inside you create space to relate, feel, and think. That's the most important thing about art and life in my opinion.

Curatorial Volume.1, Leaders In Contemporary Art.


Boston Voyager - A Short Interview During the Time I was imprisoned


Solo, Kulturhuset Ängeln 190603 - 190617

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