Omid Ghorab
Agate 100X150

Agate 100X150

Agate 100X150
Måleri, Akryl : 2017
The Stable Soldier

Agate Meaning and Healing Properties
Though the color of agate varies depending on the type, this popular stone long remarked for its beauty can be identified by its signature bands and translucent luster. Agate forms as a result of igneous rock marrying with the silica deposits in groundwater. The colorful bands that give the semi-precious stone its trademark bands are layers of agate deposits that develop on top of each other. Agates are banded types of chalcedony that come in a range of colors including pink, red, brown, white, purple, black, gray and yellow. This palette array comes from the impurities within the groundwater’s composition.

23 000 kr
Skapat år: 2017
Teknik: Akryl
Mått: 100 x 150 cm
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