Oljemålning MISTY HEATH, Victoria Curling-Eriksson


105 x 105 cm

MISTY HEATH - is an original abstract oil painting of a Heathland. A misty somewhat mysterious sky and a burnt, copper infused landscape.
Painted with oils in thin layers upon layers to create depth of colour and texture.
Professionally framed in a white wooden frame and ready to hang.

Letter of Authenticity.

Misty Heath -will be packaged carefully in bubble wrap and packaged in a custom made box, made of X-Board. An incredibly strong material thats very light in weight, thats made of compressed cardboard, that can be safely sent worldwide.

Om konstnären

The different seasons, light and energy of Sweden´s landscape serves as an inspiration for Victoria´s abstract paintings. Victoria gains her inspiration from her daily dog walks. Every day brings new colours, be it during a dramatic storm or the peaceful light of a sunset in summertime. Victoria mainly works with oils, creating original works on both canvas and paper.

Victoria chooses to paint mainly with Oils, due to their exceptional qualities, textures and colours. She paints thin layer upon layer and pours colour onto the canvas and then occasionally, scrapes and rubs the paint uses different techniques to acquire different textures.

Victoria aims to instil a feeling of stillness and atmosphere in her artwork. Never knowing how the final image will look like until it gradually appears.

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