Oljemålning Harriett  excited about her weekend plan, Bernard Valter

Harriett excited about her weekend plan, 2010

40 x 40 cm

16 x 16 inches

Om konstnären

Hello and welcome to this newly opened art page!

I am the voice of the video blog Sanity4Sweden, and because of negative reactions to my videos, from relatives, customers and contacts, I decided to use an alias. You see, when people who liked and bought my art realized I was politically incorrect, a lot of doors were shut - connections and relations I had built up over many years were ruined in a few months.

Things are changing fast now, and what was politically incorrect seven years ago is now common knowledge, but I am keeping my alias, Bernard Valter, because I like it, and to remind myself of those who turned their backs.

I did my first art exhibition in Stockholm 1998, followed by about 40 shows including Italy, Malta, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, USA and Germany. My work is permanently displayed in my own gallery here at the homestead.

I always paint using my eyes and a free hand, refusing to use projectors, which unfortunately is quite common today. I don't understand why artists use projectors making their art "perfect". I wonder if they desire to be cameras.

For me painting is mainly spiritual, so I hope that my work manifests myself, what I am about.

I also do commissioned work.

For more information, contact Maria at maria@jobblust.nu

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