Akrylmålning "IN THE PLAIN SIGHT" unframed, Aliya Rabbani

"IN THE PLAIN SIGHT" unframed, 2020

33 x 41 cm

In our lives we are looking for that special person, that happy time, that perfect life, while all magic is in front of us, hidden in a plain sight.

Raw grey modeling sand, bright yellow/brown texture highlighted with pastels. While white "plain sight" holds all the magic.

Perfect for a shelf display, smaller wall or addition to gallery wall. Please have in mind, the interior images are examples of the frame. Original frame colour and thickness will vary.

This painting can be framed.
Frames are available in Natural wood.

If you would have other preferences I am happy to help finding the best frame for you.
If you choose to buy frames for your artwork, I will frame the painting for you. Please be aware of a longer handling time, as the frame will be custom build specifically for you.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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