"TWIN No.II" unframed, Aliya Rabbani

"TWIN No.II" unframed, 2020

24 x 30 cm

This painting was inspired by nature.
The diverse texture paste was applied creating a feel of the stone.

Perfect for a shelf display, smaller wall or addition to gallery wall. Please have in mind, the interior images are examples of the frame. Original frame color and thickness will vary.

Artwork can be framed in a Light Natural wooden frame. If you wish to use this service, please contact me.

Om konstnären

Aliya Rabbani is a mixed media artist based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Her passion for arts started in early childhood and continued being her calling throughout the years.
Having realised the passion for painting and design, Aliya started her artistic carrier in 2019.
As an abstract painter with admiration of wood, she uses both organic texture, curvy lines and details. Aliya pursues colour and design relationship with ardour. Her colour palette is wide yet synchronised. Through diverse textures, patterns and techniques, Aliya explores endless possibilities, combining the rawness with exactness, the roughness with soft strokes and meticulous details, while holding on to the philosophy

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