Aliya Rabbani

Aliya Rabbani

My name is Aliya Rabbani I am mixed media artist. My passion for arts started in early childhood. The interest was cultivated during my teenage years and further developed in Art School.

Having realized my passion for painting and design, I started my artistic career in 2019 . I have a reverence for womanhood, which is clearly seen in the portraits of "Essence of a woman". Meticulous technique incorporates the most intricate detail and vivid colour to describe the complexity of woman's mind, strength, and abilities.
My paintings expresses a visual intricacy of the feminine – composed with soft palettes of neutral tones and intense details. These amalgams cohabitate in harmony.
As an abstract painter with admiration of wood, I use both organic texture, curvy lines and details. These patterns coexist in balance. I pursue colour and design relationships with ardour. My colour palette is wide yet synchronised. To achieve consistency I implement oil pastels, acrylic and gel pencils.

I bring raw texture, innate sense of detail and compositional elements to each painting. I developed my own visual ideas and inimitable style. I invite you to view ourselves and the world as a unique space and find beauty in imperfection.

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